We help
students find out
whether they are
eligible in just a
few minutes

Students find
the answer to their
personal admission
Universities find their qualified prospective students.

Simple, personal, digital student experience

Every (prospective) student wants to know whether (s)he is qualified for the educational programme (s)he is interested in.
Our Student Self-Check makes sure (s)he can check her/his eligibility on your website in less than 5 minutes. Based on the student's personal pre-education background and without going through long information and entry requirements webpages. Simple, personal and fully digital.

Less non-admissible applicants

A large percentage of prospective students apply because they are unaware of or misinterpreted the admission requirements, hope to be admitted or just take a chance. This causes a lot of (unnecessary) work for university staff.

Our Student Self Check makes sure that students can check their eligibility before they start a full application.

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