"Education is
the most powerful
weapon you can
use to change the

We believe student experience and automation go hand-in-hand

Students are online savvy and love to discover and find out by themselves.
Universities and educational programmes spend a lot of time to target, advice and support qualified (prospective) students and advise, inform and reject non-qualified students.

That is why we created the student self-check, so that students get a personal, automated advise about their eligibility based on their personal pre-education and without going through long information and requirements pages.
So that universities can target and follow up on eligible students and advise the non-eligibile yet students how to become eligible.
So that educational programmes can advice non-eligible students before application about the alternative educational programmes at their or another university.

our values

Redefine Sense & Simplicity

Digitalize to become more personal

Education is a powerful weapon

We understand, as former employee of Philips, the power of sense and simplicity. We use it as our key principle in building and developing our student eligibility technology.
Everything we do must make sense for students, universities ánd society. Everything less is non-sense. We keep it simple by focussing on and being specialized in just one simple question: “Am I qualified?” Our easy student eligibility technology is fully build on this principle.

Digitalize and become personal sounds like a paradox. But isn’t. The pressure on HE educational (supporting) staff has grown and will further grow given the increasing number of education, exchange and double-degree programmes and changes to the curriculums.
Our motive with our eligibility technology is to digitalize the admission question and provide the student recruiters, administrators and advisors with valuable data to focus their valuable time on the right students.

We fully believe in what Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education is the key to personal and social progress.
With our student eligibility technology we want to support universities to attract and advise talented people to make one of the most important choices in their life.