Student experience and digitalization go hand in hand

Students are online savvy and love to discover and find out by themselves.
Universities and educational programmes spend a lot of time to target, advice and support qualified (prospective) students and advise, inform and reject non-qualifying students.

"Very helpful and intuative"

Simple, personal, digital student experience

Every (prospective) student wants to know whether (s)he is qualified for the educational programme (s)he is interested in.
Our Student Self-Check makes sure (s)he can check her/his eligibility on your website in less than 5 minutes. Based on the student's personal pre-education background and without going through long information and entry requirements webpages. Simple, personal and fully digital.

"Up to 6 times higher conversion to qualifying applications"

Higher quality of applicants means higher efficiency

University staff, from marketing and communication, from student services to programme coordination, are focussed on identifying, targeting, advising and supporting prospective students and processing student applications.
Our Student Self-Check provides university staff, qualified student information and data in order to become more effective and efficient. Universities can target and follow up on qualified students and advise the non qualifying students how they could become eligible or advise about alternative educational programmes.

Contact scenario per educational programme

Encourage or discourage person-to-person contact. You decide.

Whether your educational programme expects a large or lower amount of applicants, you decide who and how to follow-up. We predefined different follow up scenarios for low as well as high volume applicant programmes.
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